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Create and Organize Dashboards

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In Talibro Small Business Cloud Accounting Software, you can create and organize multiple dashboards to suit your company needs, e.g., Sales Dashboard, Procurement Dashboard, Expense Dashboard, etc.

When you sign up with Talibro, there is a default dashboard, which allows you to add , drag-and-drop to reorder and resize widgets.

Step 1

In order to create a new dashboard from scratch, mouseover actions button on top, choose Add new option as in the screenshot below and give it a name.

Add New Dashboard in Talibro Small Business Accounting Software


Step 2

After creating a new dashboard, open the widgets options by clicking plus sign of Add Widget button, select from the available table and chart widgets and click Apply button as in the screenshot below:

Add Widgets in Talibro Small Business Accounting

You can also remove dashboards. To do that open the one you intend to delete. Mouseover actions and choose Remove current and confirm your choice.